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Tokita Seed is a third generation company founded in 1917 by Mr Taisuke Tokita. In 1947 it started it’s activity as a limited company becoming one of the most important in the whole seed industry.

Over the years the brand Tokita gained a good reputation all around the world, spreading it step by step in most of the territories.
This succes is also thanks to the strong commitment in breeding that the company started in 1949, developing several research stations around the the world such as Japan, India, China and Italy.

Due to it’s continuous development in 1973 the head office was moved to the main city of Saitama, located north-west of Tokyo, and for it’s hundred years anniversary the company inaugurated the new headquarter and modern warehouse.

This constant expanding was implemented also through several overseas investments with the establishment of the following sister companies:
• In 1990 Seed Qingdao International Co. Ltd.

• In 1998 Tokita Seed India Ltd
• In 2008 Tokita Sementi Italia srl
• In 2011 Tokita Seed America LLC
• ln 2016 Tokita Semillas Chile Spa

With it’s hundred years of activity Tokita Seed is nowaday known as one of the most reliable and important seed companies in the seed industry. Through it’s own research and seed production the company provides high and stable quality seeds, a global standard for the worldwide market.

Chairman Mr Tsutomu Tokita
CEO Mr Iwao Tokita


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